Meet new people and encounter new challenges!

With hacking stories appearing daily in global news headlines, and a world that's more interconnected than ever, we need sharp minds focused on safeguarding online communities and capabilities. Girls will love this all-girls hands-on camp that emphasizes cyber ethics, online safety, cyber security and defense.

This RIT camp is funded by a federal grant from the NSA Gen-Cyber program and is free for accepted students to attend.


  • Middle/High school girls (incoming grades 8-12)
  • This is a beginner camp, so no previous experience is necessary.
  • Students will need to complete the application process to be considered for acceptance.

For acceptance, each student needs to:

  1. Send a letter of application describing her background for this workshop and explain why this workshop would be meaningful, and
  2. Request a school teacher to email a letter of recommendation with the student name in the Subject.


A week long camp designed to introduce girls to the world of cybersecurity and other computing skills. Sessions focus on core principles and practices of cybersecurity, robotics and programming, as well as emphasizing cyber ethics, online safety, cybersecurity and defense.

Meet speakers from government agencies and companies such as the Air Force Research Labs, the NSA, etc…


  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of essential concepts and first principles in cybersecurity
  • Demonstrate an understanding of correct and safe online behavior
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current and potential cybersecurity and privacy issues in everyday life
  • Demonstrate basic programming skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have taken a course in programming or computer science?
  • Nope! While computing experience is helpful, it is definitely not required.
When will I know if I got accepted?
  • We will let you know in June if you were accepted. We regret we cannot confirm places before this.
Will food be provided?
  • Lunch is provided each day of the camp. Snacks are also provided.
Is lodging provided?
  • Lodging is not provided.
Is the camp free?
  • The camp is free thanks to our sponsors at the NSA.
  • This is due in part to the camp addressing the advancement of women in cybersecurity. Our goal is to provide our local community with a needed starting point. As such, this public education is free to encourage high school aged females a chance at this opportunity, enabling all girls to participate, no matter the family income.
  • In addition to an education students will be provided with real time contact and talks from professionals whom will be sharing their valuable experiences and advice.
I have more questions, who do I contact?
  • Please contact the program director at if you have any questions.