Women in Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology (WiC at RIT) provides an interdisciplinary networking forum for students, faculty, staff and alumni involved in the field of computing at The Rochester Institute of Technology through professional, leadership, mentorship, and technical development opportunities. WiC at RIT will also encourage the advancement of women in computing through community outreach.


Women in Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology is dedicated to promoting the success and advancement of women in their academic and professional careers. Lana Verschage, the Director of Women in Computing, works with all WiC Committee Heads and active members. Our ultimate goal is to empower women in computing fields to succeed and thrive at Rochester Institute of Technology and beyond.


  • To make the field of computing seem less intimidating to women and allow them to become better integrated within it.
  • To break down gender barriers in the field and promote a truly equal and inclusive environment.
  • To organize social events to strengthen relationships to encourage those who may feel ostracized.
  • To encourage young women ages K-12 to explore computing through outreach programs, camps, and mentorship.
  • To create opportunities for members to gain and expand their technical knowledge through projects, WiCHacks, tech talks, and conferences.
  • To provide a channel for distributing event information from other organizations within the field.
  • To accumulate technical news, knowledge, and information for use in encouraging the involvement of women in the field of computing and providing a clearer path to success within it.


All members of the Rochester Institute of Technology community are eligible to get involved with WiC at RIT.