2018: Magic Mirror (Current Project)

View Blog Post about current progress on this project.

2017: Raspberry Pi Arcade Table

The arcade table was created using a raspberry pi 3 to run Retropie, in order to create a bar top arcade emulator. It is for one or two players with multiple games on the system. Can be found in the WiC space.

2016: BMO Game Emulator

The projects committee decided to create our own version of a Gameboy. We 3D printed a case and used a raspberry pi with retropie to create the emulator. We soldered the pi to buttons, speakers, and a power supply. After downloading games we had a running gameboy emulator.

2015: Wearable Stress Monitor

The wearable pulse monitor bracelet was developed to help young children deal with stress and have a way to take action against their anxiety.