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Women in Computing is dedicated to promoting the success and advancement of women and all gender minorities in their academic and professional careers.

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Spring Meeting Times
General Meeting
WED • 6:30PM • Zoom
Events Committee
SUN • 4-5pm
Outreach Committee
THURS • 8-9pm
Public Relations Committee
MON • 7-8pm
Allies Committee
MON • 8-9pm
WiCHacks Committee
MON • 7-8pm
Projects Committee
TUES • 6-7pm
Upcoming Events
General Meeting 4/7
Startups 101
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Upcoming Company Visits
Prudential - 4/14
IDI Billing - 4/21
Member Highlights
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Laura Corrigan
Alumni, Computer Science
Our After Hours program is one of my favorite events and was a key factor in my decision to attend RIT. As an incoming student, it’s truly eye-opening to see how many fellow women in computing there are, both current and potential students. This event is where I was first exposed to WiC and met many people who are still my friends today. Read More
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Kiersten Reina
Computer Science
My favorite WiC event is Afterhours. I met my current roommate and best friend at this event and I had so much fun doing the scavenger hunt and catapult challenge. I think that it is a great opportunity for potential female students to get to know the organization and see what wonderful things WiC offers. Read More
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Shannon McHale
Computing Security
The upperclassmen wanted me to succeed. Every time I felt unsure or overwhelmed they would pick me up and tell me I’m smart and remind me that I belong at RIT and in cybersecurity. They showed me how to network, brought me to conferences and introduced me to alumni. I have even had WiC members offer me their free time to make sure I get through my homework. Read More
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Dominique Molee
Computing and Information Technologies
WiCHacks has definitely deemed to be the most impactful event to me as a woman in STEM. As one of the organizers, I get to meet and interact with plenty of existing WiC members, as well as new faces and sponsors. I love spending the day seeing so many female students passionate about programming, it never fails to be an unforgettable experience. Read More